Welcome to The Edventure Collaborative, a federation of two, thriving, community Primary Schools in Islington.
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Welcome to

The Edventure Collaborative

Together we learn

Welcome to

The Edventure Collaborative

Together we learn


What is a vision?

A vision is a statement about what we want our schools to be like. It provides us with shared purpose and motivation in our drive for improvement. 

What is the Edventure Vision?

We strive to ensure that:

  1. Happy and Healthy: Our schools are very happy, healthy and safe places for all in our community. At school our children learn to lead happy, healthy lives.
  2. Excellent Education: Pupils have an excellent education. They make very good progress in their learning and achieve excellent outcomes. Our broad curriculum expands their horizons and opens possibilities for their futures.
  3. Identity and Community: Our schools are fully inclusive. Everyone can be themselves and knows they belong. No one is left out or left behind.
  4. Character and Confidence: Our children learn self-belief and grit. They learn to be curious, questioning, independent thinkers. They are inspired and empowered to drive positive change, for their future selves and the world.


What does this vision mean in practice?

Our vision has been co-created by pupils, staff and Governors.  It is known by all in our community. It is regularly discussed by all in our community. We are constantly exploring what it means for what we do and how we move forwards.


Our vision:

  • Is front and centre of our School Development Plan - the process through which Leaders and Governors review the schools' performance and plan for positive change.
  • Is built into our curriculum, so that it informs our daily work.
  • Is used to create a structured set of questions, which we regularly ask ourselves, to identify if there are children in our schools who are not experiencing our vision in full. The answers lead to action to make things better.


How Does the Edventure Vision Work with its Schools' Values?

Each school in our federation has its own values, created by its own community. You can find these on each school's website:


Our values are our moral compass. They inform the unique way that each school strives towards our shared vision. Our vision tells us where we are going. Our values inform the ways that we get there.