Welcome to The Edventure Collaborative, a federation of two, thriving, community Primary Schools in Islington.
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Welcome to

The Edventure Collaborative

Together we learn

Welcome to

The Edventure Collaborative

Together we learn

What is the structure of the Edventure Governing Board?

The Full Governing Board used to meet four times a year. Smaller committees of the Governing Board used to meet separately, to oversee detailed areas of work. 


Since September 2021,  the Governing Board is trialling a new approach. All regular work is now overseen by the Full Board, which meets at least ten times a year. Individual Governors have specific responsibilities for developing expertise and scrutinising specific aspects of the schools' work, as follows:


GovernorLink Role

Emma MacIntosh

Attendance and Punctuality

Eleanor Young

Teaching and Learning

Geir Freysson

Drayton Park School

James Glass

Health, Safety and Premises

Lara Sophroniou

SEND and Looked After Children

Leo Michelmore

Attendance and Punctuality

Maggie Elliott


SEND and Looked After Children

Sophie McNeill

Finance and Information Governance;

Parent and Pupil Voice

Stephen FoulgerTeaching and Learning
Sujeet WadkeFinance and Information Governance


Due to recent resignations from the Governing Board, some link roles are currently unfilled. The Governing Board is actively recruiting and hopes to fill these soon. These roles include:

  • Montem School
  • Physical and Mental Health


Committees are still used for occasional and specific work, such as the Pay Committee, which meets once a year to scrutinise teachers' pay.